Semalt: Which Tool To Use To Succeed In SEO?

Anyone who wants to succeed online can't avoid the magic word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But, it is difficult to predict which SEO strategies will actually bring success and push your website into Google's search results without the proper analysis tools. 

Likewise, without the proper tool, it is not possible to determine what weaknesses in your website are getting in the way of good search engine rankings. SEO tools are therefore an important tool for every webmaster. With their help, the accesses to your website can be tracked accurately.

However, not all SEO tools play the same role. For this reason, many professionals find themselves having to combine packages in order to use several tools for different purposes. To alleviate this problem, Semalt offers you an all-in-one tool to accomplish all your SEO tasks efficiently.

In this article, we will show you which tool to use to succeed in SEO. In addition to that, you will also discover the necessary features that an SEO tool must have.

To begin with, let's first discover what an SEO tool is supposed to do.

SEO tools: the most important features 

Without hard data, no matter how experienced you are as an SEO or marketing manager, it's impossible to rely on your gut feeling alone. Since it is of course not always about having access to a reliable source, SEO tools play the role of providing essential data for search engine optimization. Thus, this process effectively affects many different areas.

Below are listed the most important functions of SEO tools that you should know :

Keyword monitoring

Monitoring the most relevant words for your niche allows the webmaster to track your website's ranking for keywords on a day-to-day basis and to carefully monitor the evolution of your website's ranking over time.

Indeed, most existing SEO tools do not offer an instant update option. If you want to know the ranking of your site and have an automatic and regular update, you must adopt the DSD tool.

Keyword research

SEO tools are also necessary when it comes to prioritizing relevant search phrases. 

Indeed, when you are considering breaking into a niche, it is very important to find out what words are most used by your target audience. Then, it is very important to prioritize them so that you know what you should focus on and what you can drop. 

To do this job effectively, there are only SEO tools that are really able to help you.

Therefore, it is crucial to adopt better tools like the DSD tool to have a complete, accurate and well-detailed report.

Backlink profile analysis

This analysis is of paramount importance for the development and positioning of your website. Indeed, it gives an overview of all the current links from your site to the site as well as their quality. This way, you can get a clear idea of which of your external collaborations is really beneficial to you.

It also helps you to avoid throwing money away and to limit yourself to the actions that are strictly necessary for the context of external collaboration. 

Page structure analysis

SEO tools help you to analyze the current structure of your website pages and create a precise and clear site map, for example for its promotion on Google.

Live ranking query

With the help of a good SEO tool, you have the possibility to follow the evolution of a live query of the website data. The tool allows you to follow exactly the effect of a campaign that would have worked well on a similar campaign by taking into account the number of visitors generated.

Performance analysis

The performance analysis allows you to know precisely all the relevant measures of the website, such as the loading speed. 

Thus, by having a real knowledge of how your site impresses visitors and how fast it is, you can improve it effectively.

Internal link analysis 

To understand exactly how your site interacts with other sites, you will need SEO tools. This is because these tools can check all internal links and provide a list of the link structure, among other things.

The 3 most important categories of SEO tools

When creating a website, it is clear that you have individual goals. In fact, this is what drives you to focus on several areas when it comes to SEO. The use of many options is due to the fact that there are different SEO tools available. 

Some SEO tools allow in-depth analysis through a single feature. On the other hand, others take into account all SEO functions. The spectrum ranges from very specialized tools to complete global solutions. In fact, the SEO Personal Dashboard comes out on top in the category of SEO tools offering a complete global solution.

Basically, the following three categories can be distinguished: 

Tools related to the external structure of the site

With specific off-page tools, the focus is on classic off-page SEO topics such as backlinks. To have up-to-date information for successful SEO, the DSD tool is what you need.

Tools related to the internal structure of the site

These tools focus on the internal structure of the site and on very specific topics such as meta information, content quality, headers, etc. For example, the SEO Personal Dashboard provides you with detailed analysis for on-page optimization.

All-in-one solutions 

SEO Personal Dashboard is a tool that provides insight into both content areas: both on-page and off-page. It serves as a complete solution for analysis and support on topics such as link building and more. To learn more about all the features of the tool, just be sure to visit the Semalt website.

Choose the best SEO tool 

Sometimes there are strong deviations in the data when you use different tools to track the visibility curve of your website. The reason for this discrepancy is the use of different keyword sets. Depending on whether an SEO tool calculates the visibility index based on a certain number of keywords or keyword combinations per week, the selection and number of keywords could change with another SEO program or tool. Therefore, this explains why different results are obtained. 

So, to avoid being confused by visibility curves that differ from one tool to another, opting for an all-in-one tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard is your way out. Also, the general curves are only meaningful to a certain extent. 

First of all, the DSD allows you to know the most important thing: how the page is performing for the relevant keywords related to the topic? 

If you want to monitor keyword rankings on a daily basis, most tools are not ideal anyway, as they usually update their database weekly. However, with the SEO Personal Dashboard, the update is done every moment and continuously. This is why the DSD is still your best option for SEO success.

Make money with the SEO Personal Dashboard

Semalt offers you a unique opportunity to earn money easily through its DSD. Indeed, you can consider using this tool to attract many more customers to your website. The tool also helps you to retain your customers as they have access to everything they need in one place. It would be useless for them to go elsewhere.

Moreover, another profitable option to earn money with the SEO Personal Dashboard is to join the Semalt reseller program. So, whether you are an SEO agency, a freelancer or an individual, you can consider earning money easily with the DSD.


The importance of SEO for a website is no longer in question. Indeed, given the number of websites that are created every day and the increasing competition observed in almost all the growth sectors, it is time to focus more on your SEO strategy. 

Moreover, to succeed in SEO, you can never do without SEO tools. Therefore, having access to an all-in-one tool that allows you to accomplish all your SEO tasks in one place is an opportunity not to be missed.

To that end, Semalt offers the DSD tool, an all-in-one SEO tool that allows you to achieve your SEO goals at a lower cost. For more information on the tool, you can contact us directly.

If you need free advice on how to develop your site, we invite you to visit our Blog.

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